About Us

Cordial Inc. focuses on delivering exceptional quality with no exceptions. Whether you’re a dealership looking to transport cars between franchises or an individual looking to ship your beloved exotic car south for the winter, Cordial Inc. is a car shipping New Jersey USA that helps in taking care of your exotic cars from source to destination. Our level of service is the number one because our repeat customer rate is one of the highest in the industry.

Our core practices lie in the basics of logistics: communication, scheduling and customer service. Whether you’re shipping one vehicle or many vehicles from a point or a personalized location, we’re experienced dispatchers with established carrier relationships across the country. Ship my car for the best price with a trusted company. in transportation and shipping, we engage ourselves in the most productive output for your convenience.

We can transport multiple vehicles at the same time whether you are moving to a new place for shifting/traveling/ vacating. The transport time taken by our drivers differ according to the region and distance to travel but we offer fast delivery at the first notice from our clients. The services are available at affordable car shipping prices. You can rely on us for quality transportation services and effective cost measures.

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The safe and secure ride of your vehicles to the destination on stress-free terms is our priority. Your vehicle is strictly and carefully shipped with precautionary measures. The vehicle is delivered to you in good condition. We provide basic insurance for the vehicle and give a money-back guarantee on any damage. You surely will like to tie-up with us again.

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